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Other than winemaking and -production, Boschetto Alta Langa offers various attraction/services. In this section you can find information and suggestion about the nature discovering and outdoor sports (trekking, cycling gravel/mtb and others). What it attracts the most is the possibility of crossing tows, villages and anthropomorphized areas as well as encountering vast uncontaminated areas, losing yourself in the beauty of this diversity.

There are a lot of possibilities combining trekking and nature discovering or mtb/gravel riding. You can find a lot of tracks, tips and pictures on our komoot page. Here below some tracks available for download.

Do not hesitate us to write for more details and information.
Please, keep in mind that this page as the rest of the website is in constant improvement…

Realize | Nov 2020

Trail di Camerana Tour

Trekking | Running | Cycling

Route winding up to Gottasecca from the hamlet of Case Re in Camerana, passing by Ca’ Veja and in Tajarin, where Lavender fields can be admired. From Gottasecca the path moves forward up to the Beech forest, second highest point in Langhe region: 850m asl, the with a sharp turn it goes in direction of Monesiglio crossing San Martino.

Realize | Jan 2021

Monesiglio-San Martino, the old road – (segment)

Trekking | Running | Cycling

The old road connecting Monesiglio to San Martino. A single track to have fun with.

Realize | Jan 2021

From Boschetto Altalanga to Bosco dei Faggi (segment)

Trekking | Running | Cycling

Route departing from Boschetto Altalanga that winds up to the summit of the hill at the beech forest. Second summit in the Langhe region at about 850 m asl.

Realize | June 2021

Trail della quercia (segment)

Trekking | Running | Cycling

Get lost in the wood, following this nice double track by bike, running or hiking. At one point, around the middle your path, near a sharp bend, you will be amazed in front of the old oak. There, waiting for you as a sign you are in the right path…oaks never lie. The route is walkable most of the year, in the spring it can be a bit dirty, with branches and brushes obstructing part of the track.

Realize | June 2020

GTL – variante – (tour)


The famous GTL (see website link below) collected in one single gpx track. The track will drive you to the discover of the amazing Langhe landscape and its nature.

Realize | June 2020

Alba-Savona – (tour)


Path mixed with secondary roads and off-road segments that winds through the Langhe hills up to the sea near Savona. The route goes through the “colle di Cadibona”. The lowest pass of the Italian mountains that split the Appeninni from the Alps.

Other info and reference link

GTA – Gran turismo of Alta Langa

It is a great track, affordable by walking or mtb/gravel cycling. You can cut it in short pieces or do it all together as bikepacking trip. Here below you find the official website, but do not hesitate to write us for more information and tips (e.g. the practicability of the off-road tracks) (English website available)

Strada Romantica delle Langhe e del Roero

It’s a route that leads the travelers around Langhe and Roero. You will loose yourselft in the beauty of the landscapes and towns. Let you be guided by the flow of these soft and harmonious hills

Parco delle sorgenti del Belbo

The closest Natural park, full of hiking and trekking paths as well as cool mtb/gravel trails. Ride/hike the area to see where the creek Belbo borns.

Altra via
From Torino To Savona crossing Langhe. Have a look at this amazing track.s

La via dei Feudi Carretteschi

This is about the History of Valle Bormida. Take the ancient road once traversed by merchants and and travelers that connect the inland, la Pianura  with the coast and the sea.

Read carefully the website also about the condition and the practicability of the paths. Do not hesitate to write for extra info and gpx tracks

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