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Give yourself time to feel good and regain new energy, be inspired by the scenic wonders that characterize the Alta Langa and the sinuous hills that can be seen all around the facility.
In the lawn around the pool we offer, with our super Yoga Teacher Lucrezia Porta, wellness activities such as:

  • Yoga
  • Personal trainer
  • Wellness Treatments (Vinyasa, Yin and Flow)

Book your benEssere experience via at the facility email or directly.


Truffle hunting

An excursion through the woods in Alta Langa looking for the rare mushroom, calle “”TARTUFO”, (truffle).

Following the “Trifulau” and his dog on a hike among the woods and wildest area of Alta Langa. You will get to know the truffle, its history, its importance in the culture of this area and you are going to see with your own eyes the work of the dog with its master. You will be captivated by their attunement and the dog’s ability to track down the elusive mushroom.

It is an experience in contact with nature and the heart that will leave you speechless. And then the fun of hiking through the woods and hills, through unspoiled landscapes.

A hike through the forests of Alta Langa to hunt for the rare underground mushroom, the truffle

Be aware. The search for truffles is guided and simulated. The paths and places of research are jealously kept secrets by every “Trifulau”, and it is unlikely that they are willing to “sell off” them at the first passing.

The search for truffles is a real excursion through the woods and the wildest part of the lands of the Alta Langa. It is necessary to have suitable clothing and shoes.

To book you can contact us directly.

The search is generally feasible in the autumn or early winter periods, usually in the months of October, November and December.

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